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Smart City Controller with LoRaWAN communication interface:
SRP: 116.43 EUR » 116.43 EUR @10pcs
Vendor Prices:
104.79 EUR
88.49 EUR @50pcs
81.5 EUR @100pcs
76.84 EUR @500pcs
69.86 EUR @1000pcs

@City LoRaWAN - Smart City System Controller The "@City" LoRaWAN controller allows you to (*):

(*) - overall functionality. Some functionalities are optional and depend on installed sensors and components

Complete resourses:


Firmware Resources:
  • OTA Firmware upgrade
  • @City Cloud Support
  • Remote configuration via WWW

Hardware Resources:
  • LoRaWAN
  • BlueTooth/BLE (4.02)
  • NFC
  • CAN
  • 4 programmable outputs (on/off) with relays drivers
  • 4 programmable (on/off) inputs
  • 4 nonvolatile counting inputs
  • 4 measuring inputs (temperature, light level, voltage, capacitance etc.)
  • 3 PWM/1..10V dimmers - single LEDs or RGB
  • Infrared transmitter for optional short range communication
  • Infrared receiver for optional short range communication
  • Temperature sensor for measurements
  • ALS sensor (ambient light level)

Software Resources:
  • @City Cloud support
  • WWW Configuration

  • LoRaWAN
  • BlueTooth 4.02
  • NFC
  • RS-485
  • RS-232TTL
  • CAN
  • IR-TX
  • IR-RX
  • 3*PWM/1..10V
  • SPI/I2C

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