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Demonstration, evaluation board for testing eHouse controllers It contains: * 42 LEDs for direct connection to controllers outputs * IDC-50 socket compatible with Ethernet eHouse and eHouse 1 controllers * 4 pin power sockets

SRP: 58.21 EUR » 46.57 EUR @10pcs
Vendor Prices:
41.91 EUR
32.6 EUR @50pcs
27.94 EUR @100pcs
25.61 EUR @500pcs
23.29 EUR @1000pcs

Evaluation board for testing controllers' outputs.

Module is suitable for demonstrating configuration "on the desk" before final installation in the building.
Extremely speed up setting and testing production configuration.
Output demo board assures secure way of testing controllers' outputs, without connecting to real electrical devices.


Firmware Resources:

Hardware Resources:
  • 42 diody LED
  • IDC-50M

Software Resources:


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