eHouse - Hybrid Building Automation System (BAS/BMS) Ethernet, WiFi, RS-422/485, CAN, RF + Cloud/Proxy (PL) +
@City - IoT/IIoT (LoRaWAN, GSM) + Cloud/Platform (PL)
Project development since 2000. Completed & tested

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eHouse Use-Cases, PDF

Complex All-In-One Complete Solutions (From "Scratch" - All Designs, HW/FW/SW/Cloud development performed by our Company)

Overal BAS/BMS/IoT/IoE solution in one hybrid and integrated system (HW, FW, SW, Cloud+Platform)


Main Use-cases

eHouse Hybrid for building & premises (Short Range < 100m). Project completed: HW/FW/SW stabilized & tested before 2017 as DiY
  • Smart Home, Building Automation (BAS)
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Control Lighting
  • Control Heating
  • Hotel, ApartHotel, CondoHotel, Co-Working (Complex RoomManagers - integrated control)
  • Autonomous HVAC control/optimization (Boiler Room Controller)
  • access control + function limitation (RFID/MiFare/Unique/NFC)
  • systems integrations
  • A/V control (Infared + TCP/IP, UDP)
  • Drives/Servos/3-way cut-off control
  • IR control systems
  • Security systems with SMS notification/control
  • Building Information Monitoring (BIM)
  • Battery powered house automation: mobile house, campers, yachts, rural development, off-grid systems (ELV<50VDC)
  • Remote control: Infrared RC, BlueTooth, WiFi, Internet, WWW, FTP, File System, eMail, SMS, DB, voice control+speech recognition (android)
  • System Visualizations
  • multi-communication systems & gateways
  • BACNet IP, MODBUS TCP, MQTT, LiveObject, Proxy, Cloud Integrations
  • Light Scenes, Programs, Security-zones, Drives/servos programs, Infrared: Macros, Codes, Aliases Learn+Play, calendar-scheduler,advanced algorithm parser
  • Fast & easy further development - base on existing hardware, firmware, software, integration protocols, sources-code
@City/IoT (Long Range < 10Km). Project completed 2019, tested
  • Internet of Everything IoE
  • Internet of Things IoT
  • Industrial Internet of Things IIoT
  • Smart Lighting @Light
  • Smart Metering @Metering
  • Smart Agriculture
  • GIS/Asset Tracking, Fleet Management, Geo-positioning, mapping @Trace
  • Environmental Monitoring @AirQ
  • Smart Bins/containers @Bin
  • Predictive Maintenance, Anomaly Detection, Early Warning Systems, Smart Monitoring @Monitoring
  • BACNet IP, MODBUS TCP, MQTT, LiveObjects Integrations
  • Private Cloud/IoT Platform, Front-End/Back-End, Cloud-to-Cloud Integration
  • dozens of sensors, MEMs support




eHouse BMS/BAS - professional installation variants - switch-boards (Central, rooms) - heavy duty: 20 year live cycle

eHouse is complex, hybrid (multi-communication: Ethernet, WiFi, RS-485/422, CAN, RF, Central, Infrared) and integrated building automation system:

Milestones for eHouse Hybrid/BMS & @City systems

* "eHouse One" - first variant with RS-485/422 (Full duplex) communication
SVG - Scalable Vector Graphic
This document is table of contents for supplied files and docs for easier "go through" via PDFs

iSys - Intelliegent Systems manufacturer/developer of eHouse BAS/BMS since 2000

eHouse Systems communication wariants: PRO, Ethernet, RS-485/422, CAN, RF, WiFi - General Info

eHouse LAN/WiFi Portfolio, Application, Use Cases (PL)

eHouse LAN (Ethernet) - Wired (Isolated)

The controllers works directly in Ethernet (LAN) networks - requires connection to Ethernet Switch or WiFi Router (Ethernet RJ-45 sockets) Automation, control, monitoring, measurement, regulations, dimming, programs/light scenes, security zones, rollers/drives programs

Catalogs: English | Polish | French

Files contains general information about eHouse LAN BAS/BMS system and controllers for mini-switchboard, central-switchboard, oem, mobile house, swimming pool, boiler room, drive controllers contains:

eHouse LAN Config Software
eHouse LAN, WiFi, PRO integration protocol, commands (via TCP+UDP) - Binary (PL): C Source code example of TCP/IP connection, Commands/Events list, Status Decoding
Modbus TCP/IP Integration via eHouse.PRO Sever
Bacnet IP Integration via eHouse.PRO Sever (PL)

General eHouse LAN Documentation PDF: English | Polish | French

General information about Building Automation/Smart Home and Wired eHouse wariants
Controllers Pinout and sockets: Inputs, outputs, ADC, Dimmers
Input, outputs schematics for secure connection to third party products
IR control Transmission/Reception support
Installation schematic
Ethernet Room/Heat/Pool Manager
Relay Modules: 6..18pcs : sockets+relays
Windows software for configuration of unique installation, individual controllers,
Corel Draw script for creating individual SVG (graphical visualization) for the system, and easily customized automated visualizations

Use case (Hotel/ApartHotel/CondoHotel Room and complete automation) for eHouse PRO, LAN, WiFi: English | Russian | Polish

eHouse WiFi Documentation: English | French | Polish

eHouse WiFi Config Software
Use Case Smart Lamps controller for offices

eHouse PRO - central system for main switchboard catalog + general info (PL)

DiY Blog (PL/ FR)

eHouse CAN (Controller Area Network) + RF (SubGHz)

Catalog + general info (PL) | Documentation (PL) - Not for direct sales and distribution (template of dedicated systems to the vendors)

eHouse ONE - RS485/422 Full duplex

Catalog & General Info (PL) | Documentation (PL)
eHouse One Config Software
- Not for direct sales and distribution (template of dedicated systems to the vendors)

eCity IoT/IIoT Cloud Platform English | PL | French

IoT/IIoT LoRaWAN and GSM2G..4G, CATM1, NBIoT+GNSS Applications

IoT/IIoT Cloud/Platform safe and efficient solution for Partners (PL)

eCatalog - Products, images, Docs All Inclusive | FR | PL | RU | UA

Individual visualization creator in CorelDraw (VBA Script) For WWW visualizations (SVG), Android, Java, Windows Mobile/Phone in (scalable vector graphic)

Effects in WWW browser, and in Applications: Java, Android, Windows Mobile/Phone - scalable lossless graphic - ground floor example

Effects in WWW browser, and in Applications: Java, Android, Windows Mobile/Phone - scalable lossless graphic - first floor example

OEM/DIY Modules

Evaluation/Demo Modules for on desk testing (Inputs/Outputs/Measurement Inputs/Infrared control

HTML/WWW automatic and customizable visualisation + search engine (JavaScript, PHP) on eHouse.PRO Server, eHouse Cloud, eHouse Proxy

HTML/WWW automatic visualisation - Room Panel for single RoomManager

HTML/WWW automatic visualisation + search engine (JavaScript, PHP) - Security systems 5 levels of alarms (early warning, warning light, horn, monitoring, silent alarm) + zones change and drives programms

HTML/WWW automatic visualisation - Outputs and Outputs Programs, Light Scenes

HTML/WWW automatic visualisation - Temperature measurements and regulation thresholds

HTML/WWW automatic visualisation - Dimmers Control

HTML/WWW automatic visualisation - Servos, Drives, Gates, Gateways, Dors, Windows Control

HTML/WWW automatic visualisation - Temperature measurements and ambient light level for each rooms

Third Party integrations eg: termometers + termostat

Leaflets to print (PL)

eHouse Use-Cases (PL)

Polskie Dokumenty

eHouse - Hybrid Pro LAN WiFi
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Kryteria Wyboru Systemu
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